I went to Durham last week to see a Durham Bulls baseball game. On my way to the stadium (by the way, check out my tweets from my journey on the 405 bus at #carfreeincarrboro) I noticed these signs:


How cool are those? You are able to tell, in an instant, something that even Google Maps takes a bit of searching to find you – where you are in relation to the nearest attractions. You might not know you were looking for jazz, but my goodness, now you have to go check it out! I imagine businesses would support these as well – especially if they are hidden from sight behind bulkier buildings or around a corner.

They are printed on the cheap on corrugated plastic and can be updated or rearranged easily. They are a supplement to Durham’s official wayfinding signs which point to city destinations and denote districts. I’d call these unofficial plastic signs “guerrilla wayfinding.”

I was describing these to a fellow Department of City & Regional Planning (DCRP)┬ástudent and wondering who was responsible. He informed me that the folks in Durham copied these guerrilla wayfinding signs from Hillsborough, and that the ones in Hillsborough were put there as part of a Masters Project from a DCRP grad back in 2012. I haven’t been able to find a record of his or her Masters Project, but once I do I’ll link to it here.