Last night I attended the Chapel Hill Mobility and Connectivity Plan public input meeting. I enjoyed the format and got a lot of good ideas for public meetings that I might host in the future. One memorable activity is that they gave each participant $1,000,000 in fake money and we had to allocate our money among projects that improve walking and biking (see the feature image on this post). I was impressed with the planning staff and the staff from Stewart Inc. (the firm supporting the town in developing the Mobility plan).

My trip to the Chapel Hill Library from Carrboro, though, was much less enjoyable. First I got on the wrong bus (the J instead of the D). Then, when I finally got on the D, I got off across from the Library and realized that the nearest crosswalk was actually at the next bus stop further on. Not the biggest deal in the world, but it was warm and I ended up extending my trip by a few minutes just walking over to the crosswalk, pressing the warning lights button, crossing, and then walking back over to where the Library path entrance was.

Granted, you can’t have a crosswalk at every single bus stop. However, considering that my destination was the town’s Public Library, I wish the street wasn’t so hazardous to cross right there.

Trip: Carrboro to Chapel Hill Public Library
Total trip time: 45 minutes
Total trip distance: 3 miles
Mode: Bus
Line: J, D
Frequency: Every 10 minutes
Level of crowding: Very
Trip quality: 3 of 5 stars (+ for directness and cost, – for confusion and lack of crosswalk)