I gave up my car in 2010 when I lived in the Washington, DC-adjacent urban county of Arlington, VA. Since then, I’ve expanded my awareness and passion for all forms of public transportation. Without a personal vehicle, I began to actively use services such as lightrail, buses, Zipcar, biking, and walking. I found that not only was I able to get around successfully in DC, but that I enjoyed it. Walking around and leisurely observing┬áthe world from the window of a bus, I felt a strong sense of place and an accompanying spatial foundation of where I was and where other things were.

After a few years of enjoying DC, I came south to North Carolina to start a Masters program in City & Regional Planning with a focus on (what else?) transportation.

I knew that I wanted to live car-free while attending graduate school. I didn’t like the possibility of needing to have a car just so that I could study public transit – aside from the irony, I love walking and taking transit, and I believe that planners should practice what they preach whenever possible.

So! My adventure of small town living without a car begins. Follow along for how I get around in Carrboro, NC, my thoughts on planning and public transit, and for other snippets of my life as a graduate student.

All views my own. I welcome interaction and collaborations!